~ Meditations

Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing Episode 1

We are so glad you have chosen to come on this journey with us. In our recording, we will take you on a journey which will feel like a long, deep meditation. 

Annabelle will guild you through an insightful introduction to Yoga Nidra which will focus on intention setting, breath, awareness and letting go; followed by a body scan focusing on sensation and relaxation.

Anna will be here to support you throughout this healing journey with sound; using sound bowls and her voice which culminates in a sound bath at the end of the body scan. Take this time to surrender and focus your intention inward, using her voice and these sound vibrations to support you in this practice and reach a place of deep relaxation and healing. 

Let us guide you through this practice and envision yourself healing in your physical body, your mind and in your heart!

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