Loving Kindness

I deserve to see myself in the warm glow that I see others. My light is abundant, my joy is important. I deserve to take up space, I deserve this light and compassion I give and serve to others. I deserve to give it to myself. I am enough.

In this loving kindness meditation, we will take you on a journey of self-love and sending that love to the people in your life.

We will guide you through a beautiful, light filled meditation using the power of sounds and breath to assist us in cultivating a space of self love in ours heart. Use this as a time for yourself, making you the first priority and reminding yourself that you are enough.

You have always been enough.

Let go of any judgemental expectations and any negative energy you have been holding onto.

Anna’s haunting voice will guide us through a soothing sound healing repeating the mantra “I love you” throughout our meditation to remind you that above all, you are loved!