Healing starts within

A 25 minute guided Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing practise which will focus on intention setting, breath, awareness and letting go.

Surrending Meditation

A guided healing journey that invites us to look inward during times of uncertainty . To let go of the outer exterior of what we cannot control, and dive deep into our inner world.


Guided daily gratitude practice. To explore and accept what you already have in your life and feel immense gratitude. Raise your vibration in mere minutes with this beautiful Gratitude Meditation.

Gut Healing

Heal your body with this Guided Meditation to enhance gut healing and help with digestion. This meditation will improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Sleep Better

This ‘Deep Sleep’ yoga Nidra meditation and sound healing will help you to fall asleep naturally by connecting your body and within. 

Loving Kindness

In this loving-kindness meditation, we will take you on a journey of self-love and sending that love to the people in your life.

Welcome to your daily calm meditation where you can use this short 10 minutes as a time to reset your day and calm your mind and body. We feel it is so important to carve out a little time each day to be still, particularly away from the constant stimulation of devices. 

“Marvellous meditation. Very helpful in these circumstances we find ourselves in” – Kathy