Sleep Better

This ‘Deep Sleep’ yoga nidra meditation and sound healing will help you to fall asleep naturally by connecting your body and within. We live in a world that is overstimulated, often surrounded by constant distraction, cumulative stress, and poor sleep, especially with the challenges that coronavirus is bringing. Take some time out before you fall asleep, and allow this guided meditation with beautiful sound healing by Anna to take you inward to a place of deep relaxation, allowing your body the time it so needs to rest, restore and wake up feeling energised.


Sleep is so essential for our wellbeing, yet so many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep every night. In Sanskrit, ‘nidra’ means sleep. Today, in this practise we want to help you completely relax into a deep, restorative, and healing sleep. This Meditation alongside the haunting and healing sound vibrations will help to stabilise your subconscious and allow yourself to go within and relax, without being distracted by the outside stressors of life, . The track will be a great addition to your sleep ritual, allowing you to meditate to sleep!

*This practise experience is recommended for repeated and ritualized listening to help develop a restorative deep sleep daily.